Do you like tacos, pizza, fried chicken, and desserts? Yes. Yes, you do.

What if you could enjoy all those delicious foods, made with locally sourced ingredients where possible, AND be helping to make our food system healthier?

Please join us Wednesday, February 27 at Quiote Restaurant for the “everything you could want in an event” event!

Wednesday, February 27
Quiote Restaurant
2456 N California, Chicago



Tacos  –  Ross Henke, Quiote Restaurant

Wood-Fired Pizza –  Greg Wade, Publican Quality Bread

Fried Chicken Strips with Spicy Honey Mayo and Camchi Kimchi  –  Honey Butter Fried Chicken

Fried Bread with Dark Chocolate Fudge Sauce and Bay Leaf Ice Cream  –  Anna Posey, Elske Restaurant


Complimentary Welcome Drink provided by Quiote
Cash Bar

 Ticket Price: $100


For more information or if you’d like to volunteer for this event,

 please contact Amy Cook at [email protected]com or 630.248.8080