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About Farmer Chef Alliance

The Farmer Chef Alliance, originally known as the Spence Farm Foundation, is a nonprofit 501(c)3 organization founded by Marty and Kris Travis in 2005 to cultivate healthy food systems through teaching the art, history and practice of sustainable family farming to chefs, farmers, health professionals, students and educators. We believe that by helping to connect the key elements of a healthy food system, we support the principles and practices of sustainable production that lead to personal well being.

Through immersive educational programs such as Bread Camp and Chef Camp, we offer opportunities to engage a sustainable food system through the senses and often at its source. Our programs use sustainable family farms as a living laboratory and the farmers and producers who operate them as teachers, with hopes that participants return to their daily lives with the educational skills necessary to change how society views food, and the manner in which it is grown on that path to our plates.

Changing the way we connect with our food system

Our Vision

A healthy food system that creates meaningful relationships between farmers, chefs, and consumers.

Our Mission

Our Role

Executive Director: Amy Cook

Amy’s love of fresh, local food may have started with eating green beans straight from the plant in her family garden next to the garage. Or the chives that popped up as a welcome sign of spring. But her eyes were really opened upon moving to California from Chicago for college. Lemons and oranges grew on trees! The overwhelming abundance and variety at the farmers markets! This ultimately led to her professional mission to increase economic opportunities for growers and food businesses, and to increase access to and consumption of local, nutritious foods—for herself, her family, and her community. 

Over the course of her career, Amy has worked as a small business and intellectual property lawyer, as a cookbook literary agent, and a consultant for nonprofits. It is an exciting opportunity to now serve as Executive Director of The Farmer Chef Alliance, working with those who are perhaps the two biggest influences on what we eat.

Founders: Kris and Marty Travis

Spence Farm Foundation was started by visionary individuals who were committed to sustainable agriculture. Spence Farm is a bustling center of activity with a wide array of heirloom and native crops, heritage animals, and a huge diversity of agricultural opportunities on 160 acres. Visitors come from all over the world to learn about small scale family farming in the Midwest. It is a working small family farm managed today by the seventh and eighth generations – Marty and Will Travis.

For their devoted years of hard work developing the Foundation and continued support, we wish to thank Kris and Marty Travis, and their son Will, for their continued passion and vision for sustainable agriculture education.

Board of Directors

Gary Reding
Founder, Cascades Consulting, LLC
Board President
Greg Wade
Head Baker, Publican Quality Breads
Board Vice-President
Amy Randazzo
Owner and Farmer, Grani’s Acres Farm
Board Treasurer
Ben Shorofsky
Programs Specialist, Delta Institute
Board Secretary