FCA programs are created to be hands-on, life changing experiences for chefs, bakers, food industry professionals, health professionals, farmers and producers. We bring them together to explore the real value of a sustainable food system. We help them better understand how they can work together to be agents for change to create a better food system for us all.

Chef Camp

This intensive education camp for chefs and food system professionals promotes sustainability and food system education. At this camp, we bring chefs, farmers and producers together in a living laboratory to explore the differences between a healthy sustainable food system and a commoditized one.

Attendees participate in harvesting vegetables, taking care of animals, gathering honey, tour neighboring farms, and conversing with expert speakers.

Bread Camps and Classes

Our Bread Camps connect some of the best bakers in the world to the farms and producers who make the core ingredients used in bakery foods.

These immersive programs provide professionals with in-depth knowledge of using locally grown and milled flours, honey, and organic dairy products to create breads and pastries that taste better, and are better for our food system.

Grow and Give Garden

The Grow and Give Garden on Route 24 was created to increase food access, promote garden education, and encourage communal gathering over good food in Fairbury. Local businesses provide sponsorship while various children’s groups, such as 4H, church clubs, and Boy and Girl Scouts, tend the garden and harvest produce and honey that is both sold at local farmers markets and donated to food pantries. The garden has shared over 1500 lbs of produce with those in need. 

The G&G Garden Project is currently on hiatus in 2019.

Artisan Grain Collaborative